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What is Dork Diaries?

Dork Diaries is a book series consisting of twelve books written by Rachel Renée Russell. The series started in 2009 with the first book being Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So-Fabulous Life.

The books are about a girl named Nikki, who is a self proclaimed, quite shy, very self-conscious, but artistic and kind too. When at home, Nikki enjoys art. She also has a bratty little sister named Brianna who annoys her.

Nikki goes to a new school and develops a crush on a boy named Brandon and meets her two best friends named Chloe Garcia and Zoey Franklin. Nikki's new locker is next to MacKenzie's locker. MacKenzie and Nikki both have a crush on Brandon which leads to them becoming enimies.

Nikki does not want anybody to know that her dad is an exterminator because she is afraid that she will lose her newfound friends, but one day, MacKenzie finds out and repeatedly threatens to tell everyone her secret throughout the series. knowing Nikki will do almost everything she wants her to. This still doesn't please her because she at various times takes drastic measures to get rid of Nikki only because she wants to date Brandon. To learn more about the shippings, please go to Character Pairings.

What is The Dork Diaries Wiki?

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Dork Diaries Wiki is a speciality wiki devoted to the Dork Diaries series. As a wiki, the Dork Diaries Wiki relies on the edits of it's users, just like you, for its content! Anyone can edit the wiki, with or without a Wikia account, by selecting the edit tab at the top of each page. But please create an account!
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Unfortunately, The Dork Diaries wiki is occasionally vandalized. "Vandalism" refers to any edit when false information is added when you know it's wrong. Don't worry, though: if you're a well meaning person editing in good faith, you by definition cannot be a vandal! If you make a mistake, we'll help you out, not kick you out.

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