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André is a new character introduced in the twelfth installment of Dork Diaries. He is one of the main antagonists in the newer books but turned into protagonist in the story. André strongly rivals Brandon Roberts and tries to undermine his relationship with Nikki Maxwell as well as the popular ship Nandré. He calls Nikki by her real name, Nicole and tells her that it's a beautiful name from France.


André is a student participating in the Student Exchange Week program from North Hampton Hills. Nikki was obligated to be his student ambassador and guide him throughout his week at Westchester Country Day.

He is French and his father has a home in Paris, where he often visits. André has studied at the Louvre museum program for gifted students and is artistic, similarly to Nikki. He is very popular among the girls at WCD as well as NHH and is intimidating to all of the guys, especially Brandon Roberts.


Physical Traits

André has jet-black hair that is straight. It is unknown what his eye color or skin color is. He is taller than Nikki and has a lean stature. He has the same eye structure as Nikki and has a charismatic smile.


André is dresses in very expensive suits and clothing. Because he is wealthy, he wears expensive watches and some students from WCD have commented that he dresses "cheesy".



André comes from a wealthy family. His father is French and works for the United Nations. His mother is an American journalist but divorced from his father. She remarried another man who is later discovered as the father of Tiffany Davenport. He is Tiffany's step-brother. They tend to annoy each other and try to get the other in trouble.


It has not been mentioned whether André or his family own any pets.


André does not have a best friend, but he makes many friends with the girls at WCD. His first friend is Nikki, because she is his student ambassador. André forms a rivalry with Brandon because he had been spending a lot of time with Nikki, which in return made Brandon jealous of him. They later become friends in the books because both sides had miscommunicated.

Love Interest

It's very clear that André had developed a large crush on Nikki. He asked if he could call her by her real name, Nicole, because he finds it very beautiful and intriguing name. André also finds her pretty and captivating. He buys her a lot of things and is very romantic towards her. Because MacKenzie switched the names on the letters from Nikki's backpack, André had thought that Nikki had feelings for him which was a misunderstanding. She only wanted to be friends. In the end, he understood this and remains her friend.


  • The name André in France means masculine, manly, and brave which ties into his character.