Merin is the romantic pairing of Erin and Max Crumbly. Very little is known about this pairing currently, all that is known is Max has a crush on Erin, and she might possibly share those feelings.


The Misadventures of Max Crumbly

  • Erin told Max he's a very talented artist, and he gave her a goofy grin, shrugged, and kind of stared at her
  • Erin helped Max up after he fell.
  • When Doug bumped into Max, making all his papers fall out, Erin offered to help him pick them up.
  • Erin complimented Max when she saw the drawing she made of her.
  • Erin asked Max if he could paint the background scenes for the school play, to which he agreed.
  • Max commented that she was his first friend at South Ridge Middle School.
  • When Max showed up to help Erin, she said she didn't need help anymore.
  • Max tried to see what happened, but Erin told him to leave her alone.
  • Max got trapped in his locker, but when Erin heard him, he kept quiet.
  • She called him a "Weirdo in his locker".
  • Erin also called Max a creepy freaky locker vampire.
  • Max borrowed Erin's phone when he got locked in the school and butt dialed her.
  • Max hung up on her about 2 times, before Erin realized it was Max.
  • Erin said Max was a few fries short of a Happy Meal..
  • She decided to help Max get out of the school without calling the police.
  • She told Max if he didn't stay safe, or she's kill him.
  • Max commented she was so smart, it was scary.