! This article is about Miss Hollister, the Westchester Country Day substitute teacher and mother of MacKenzie Hollister. For the article about MacKenzie Hollister, Nikki's arch-nemesis, see MacKenzie Hollister.  !

Mrs. Hollister is a substitute teacher of Westchester Country Day, the wife of Marshall Hollister and the mother of MacKenzie Hollister and Amanda Hollister. She has made one minor appearance in the first book and another one in the 9th book. Her larger role was on the official Dork Diaries website. Her second book appearance was in Dork Diaries 9, when Mackenzie was begging her parents to let her transfer to another school. Her first name remains unknown.


She also appears in MacKenzie: The Equally Horrible Grown-Up Version, a blogpost on Nikki Maxwell's blog, where she first appears as a substitute teacher in the school. She is known to be mean to Nikki Maxwell, like MacKenzie Hollister.

She appears the second time on the blogs in The Worst Gym Class Ever!!!. She teaches Nikki in gym, but nags her a lot, like MacKenzie herself.  


  • Mrs. Hollister is similar to MacKenzie Hollister in many ways which is probably where MacKenzie gets her attitude from.
  • In Dork Diaries 9, it is revealed that she is addicted to lipstick, which is similar to Mackenzie's addiction to lip gloss.
  • She works usually on charities.
  • It is most possible she wears hair extensions like Mackenzie.