Queasy Cheesy is a pizza chain that Nikki and Brianna visited multiple times.

The restaurant in the mall is owned by Theodore L. Swagmire III's family. His dad gave Nikki an All-You-Can-Eat voucher. On Tales From a Not-So-Talented Pop Star, Brianna Maxwell begs Nikki Maxwell to go to Queasy Cheesy with her. They order pizza with the change Brianna acquired from scavenging the mall's coin fountain. Meanwhile, Nikki and Brianna was asked to go on stage and sing the "I Love Queasy Song". Nikki didn't want to at first, fearing she would embarrassing herself, but Brianna refused to pay for the food if they didn't sing. Nikki had no choice and sang the song, and it was confirmed by Nikki that they did some Beyonce moves. Then they realized that Nikki's enemy, MacKenzie Hollister, was recording them on stage, and attempted to post it on YouTube. The video was posted the day after at 9:00 PM, and the video was called "Nikki Maxwell Live at Queasy Cheesy." Queasy Cheesy is based off Chuck E Cheese's. Nikki commented that Queasy Cheesy pizzas are just nasty.