Wrecked television

The Broken TV Saga is a storyline that was written in four blog posts on the Dork Diaries website blog. When Brianna Maxwell accidentally breaks the family TV, Nikki Maxwell must find some ways to earn money to buy a new one.

Chapter 1: Brianna's Frozen Disaster

It all happened when Nikki was babysitting her sister Brianna and didn't really keep an eye on her little sister. Nikki just popped a "Frozen" DVD in the DVD player and skype with Chloe Garcia and Zoey Franklin . Brianna wanted to freeze her paddling pool. Her plan was to fill it with water from the kitchen and freeze it with magic. She wrecked the television while trying to do this and burst into tears.

Chapter 2: What my parents said, when they saw the broken TV

Nikki and Briannas parents were really angry and almost grounded Nikki. But Nikki suggested to raise money with a yard sale and Brianna agreed. They raised about 150 dollars, but for the TV they need more.