The Westchester Country Day News or WCD News is Westchester Country Day's local school newspaper. It was first featured on Tales From a Not-So-Fabulous Life when Nikki accidentally slips on the floor, courtesy of MacKenzie and Jessica. It is run by Mr. Zimmerman, and has appeared in 2 other books since then.


  • Nikki Maxwell - Advice columnist (Miss Know-It-All)
  • Chloe Garcia, Zoey Franklin, and Marcy Simms - Miss Know-It-All advice column assitants
  • Brandon Roberts - Photographer
  • Britney Chung - Photo Layout Artist
  • MacKenzie Hollister - Fashion Editor and Advice columnist (Miss Know-It-All) (Book 9 only)
  • Marcy Simms - Assistant Fashion Editor
  • Alex Westlake - Assistant News Editor
  • Chase Barrymore - Assistant Movie Reviewer
  • Brian Lopez - Assistant Comics Panelist
  • Justin Smith - Assistant Sports Editor

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